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There are three major aspects of the lawfare being waged on our movement by the leftists in the wake of Charlottesville. The first is the criminal prosecution of attendees who defended themselves at the event. The second aspect are the civil charges being leveled at the organizers and their organizations which showed up to the legal, permitted event. The third aspect is the very real possibility of successful claims against the politicians and agencies which are actually responsible for the breakdown in public order. Rather than fundraising for and achieving representation for each of these individual legal issues separately, and as separate individuals and organizations, #UniteTheRight pools our fundraising and resources.

When you donate to the #UTRDF, you’re supporting our men behind the wire, you’re protecting the movement from getting ruined by harassment lawsuits, and you’re holding the politicians accountable. We’re hopeful that we can align the entire movement behind this fundraiser, and we already have most of the key players.

Jason Kessler

Mr. Kessler is the Charlottesville local and the permit holder who officially organized the event. In addition to having special legal standing, Kessler has taken the leading in investigative reporting, research, and follow-up. He is leading the charge. He isn’t leaving behind the vulnerable young men who’ve been arrested. And he’s dedicated to achieving the justice and vindication we absolutely can and will achieve if we as a movement can set aside our differences and unite in our common defense.

Dan Borden and Jacob Goodwin

Dan and Jacob were involved in the parking garage incident where DeAndre Harris viciously assaulted an attendee and was fended off. An investment in this defense fund is an investment in their ongoing legal support. Our goal is to leave no man behind who’s being legally persecuted by the local and state government. Their cases are very strong. Their innocence is clearly proven on video. But we need quality legal counsel for them to overcome the bias and distortions by the media and activist politicians.

TradWorker & Vanguard America

We are still working to get some of the other groups on board, and are working with the other groups to ensure as many attendees and organizations are effectively represented as possible. Even the most absurd nuisance lawsuits–and these lawsuits are extremely frivolous–require a response or you risk default judgments and devastating consequences for the organizations, their leadership, and even their attendees and members. We’re doing everything we can to protect and support our members from this lawfare, but we need our members to help support this defense fund.

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