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Hello, Men, I am Chris with the Age of Reason at YouTube.

I have been involved with racial reality and knowledge about the Jewish problem since around 2007, when I was woke up by guys like Scott Roberts after looking into 9/11 conspiracy theories in my spare time.

I initially thought that saying the holocaust never actually happened was ridiculous like all of us due to a lifetime of Jewish controlled indoctrination in public education centers like Woodrow Wilson Elementary School in Port Huron, Michigan. Over time though, I kept digging deeper and was able to competently remove myself and my mind from the diabolical system of mental slavery the Jews have shackled (shackles=sheckels) everyone with.

Over the last year, I have worked on building my YouTube channel and refining my skill in communication of my message, and I touch on issues that affect us Men and our families and futures in this fucked up monetary (Jewed since 1913!)  body now referred to as the United States of America, Incorporated.

Subjects I touch on are:

  • Issues of the Jewdicial system, the lawyers and judges and prosecutors,

  • The long arm of big brother and how the Jews have subverted our country ages ago,

  • The reality that we do not live with any actual freedom, but rather liberties which are intrinsically different,

  • The importance of blood and family,

  • Rustic survival projects,

  • and more.

The resources I am seeking will be put towards purchasing gear, and I am not looking for high end equipment, which is why I am setting this at only one thousand (1,000) Federal Reserve Notes.

If a man would like to ensure that the resources go to equipment, he can simply mail equipment directly to me at my real life home address.

Equipment sought to acquire is:

  • A microphone and soundboard, something similar to this or this actual item, Simple Podcast Kit

  • A desktop or laptop computer for recording, which will be powerful enough to process audio and video editing efficiently.

I work with menial and second hand gear (an i3 craptop and a broken headset microphone from a thrift store), but I dedicate myself to getting my message out even if I don't have the best equipment.

I am asking for not "donations," but  rather men who have similar interests in my messages who will barter assistance in exchange for the words I speak.

Regardless if anyone makes a conscious decision to help or not, my work will continue, and my messages and words will not be influenced by the help; for example, I will not accept Federal Reserve Notes with a message attached, "Great work, now say this,"

If it is within the mans means who reads this and hears my words to offer an exchange, then I will humbly accept and be grateful.  If a man does not have the means to assist, I do not hold that against him, because we are all broke in this debt slave society and I know how it goes, and I hope to see him in my comments on YouTube.

As I say at the end of my broadcasts, "Keep both eyes, all three eyes open and go further,"

Thanks for reading, and thanks for considering lending a hand.

Why should I help your cause?
I do not expect anyone to help my cause. I am simply asking like minded men to barter Federal Reserve Notes in exchange for hearing what I have to say on my JewTube podcast, should they have the resources available.

I would not take from a man who cannot feed himself or his children.

What are the risks involved with helping your cause?
One might worry that trading income to someone online has risks that they will never see the funds used for what that person has said.

I want to tighten and tune my show to reach a broader audience because I have had a voice in this Jew World Order bullshit for a long time and would like to have a firmer platform.

Every Federal Reserve Note earned will be put only towards attaining gear to help me create a tighter sounding format on my podcast and video show. These notes will not be applied towards my personal life.

Are you going to continue working if your request is not met?
Regardless if this doesn't generate any trade, I will continue using what I have to put out my words online.

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