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Many Southern Nationalists, and those who may not be SN’s but are sympathetic to or interested in our cause, will remember the website This website was the home of “Southern Nationalist Network” and was started up in 2010. SNN was home to many pro-Southern and pro-White resources/videos/articles. Beginning around 2012 and up until the time it was shut down, SNN became heavily affiliated with the League of the South, of which I am a member.

Unfortunately, in the spring of 2015 the creator and primary content producer for SNN abruptly decided to abandon SNN and did not renew the domain. Many of us within the SN community were deeply saddened to see so much good pro-Southern/pro-White material lost forever. Years of articles and videos gone overnight.

On my way down to the LS Conference in 2015, I stopped by a retail outlet in South Carolina owned by a fellow SN where pro-Southern merchandise is sold. As I browsed the t-shirts, I noticed a full rack of shirts promoting Southern Nationalism and including a link to It turns out that the store owner had already ordered a bunch of these shirts (hundreds I believe) by the time SNN was suddenly shut down. From that point on, I resolved within myself that I would do whatever I could in order to get that website back under Southern Nationalist control. Not just in the hopes of helping out my fellow SN who ordered all those shirts, but also because I believed that web address would be a valuable asset for promoting our cause in the future. A few months later I disclosed my intentions to LS President Michael Hill, who agreed with me that it was worthwhile to try getting this website back for the cause.

There are a number of companies that are dedicated to snatching up expired domains the second they become available, with the intent to resell them later and make a profit. This is what happened with For nearly a year I was unable to get a response from the owners. Well, finally in June 2016 I discovered that the domain had been put up for online auction. So I bought it, and since then I have set up to redirect to the LS website. I have been talking to other Southern Nationalists about the possibility of running another pro-SN blog/media site from this web address, but for now at least the URL is no longer dead and it takes folks to a proper destination. went to auction as a “premium domain”, no doubt due to the web traffic it generated during the time it was SNN. Therefore, the purchase price was not cheap. While I am honored to sacrifice financially for the cause, as a father with a stay-at-home wife and three small children, I would like to ask that my fellow Southern Nationalists and our friends/allies help me to recover some of the cost. I have set a donation/fundraising goal at $1,375.00. This goal would be met if 275 people were to donate just $5.00 each.

Last year I set up a campaign for donations through the website Within 24 hours, the campaign was shut down because it violated their terms of service.  They didn’t tell me how the TOS was violated, but I expect it was this part:

“the promotion of hate, violence, harassment, discrimination, terrorism, or intolerance of any kind relating to race, ethnicity, national origin, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, sex, gender or gender identity, or serious disabilities or diseases;”

The campaign must have been reported by one or more anti-Southern/anti-White individuals. Not only was the campaign deleted, but GoFundMe removed my account/profile so that I can’t even login.

Before the campaign was nixed, it had raised $175.00. I did not get a chance to withdraw any funds for those donations, and the donors were refunded by GoFundMe.

My family and I will be grateful for any donation received, no matter how small.


Mark Shapley

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