Rescue Richard Preston

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Mr Preston has bills accumulated as of now and will continue to rise as long as he is unable to work , I am just one of a few that have been taking care of his affairs , he has property taxes on a home he has worked hard to finally purchase he was self employed and a great Advocate of some local charities that deal in environmental issues like local streams and drainage runoff he is a huge supporter of any Vet in need and was a member of a group trying to save fort Howard in Maryland , h is a great friend and neighbor to many always willing to help put and has been known to walk in snow most will not drive in to help out neighbors in need even up to a mile or two away , he is a great man and I would hate to see him loose everything he has worked for because of a bogus charge in VA that stems from him protecting other people in distress against a man with the intent to harm fellow Americans from being burned , he has been denied bond two times now and from many been called a hero for what he did , he stopped a man from hurting people in Charlottesville without injury and that was a mental choice he made to not harm anyone just to warn the attacker with the flaming weapon he was using agressivly against people being forced down the stairs at park by police , I am doing what I can to help in any way but am unable to do it alone , Please we need your help to rescue Richard from his in ending debt while being Detained for being a patriot assisting others any and all donations deeply appreciated and God bless any and all willing to donate nd all that wish they could thank you in advance and have a great day !

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