Republic Of Florida Needs Shekels

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Things we need money for:

  1. Gas money for activism, Vehicle maintenance for ROF vehicles. (One of our guys is a mechanic, But he needs $$ for parts)
  2. Flags, Banners, Leaflets, Etc
  3. Tactical equipment for neighborhood security, And local and regional disasters like IRMA (We were passing out free water before and during IRMA when the store  shelves were empty, There wasn't any looting wherever we had presence, Because looters don't loot in front of Militia)
  4.  Whatever you TELL us to do with your money, If you have specfic objectives in mind, We will do it. If your financially contributing to our activism, You are ENTITLED to let us know in what way you want us to act, So long as it does not go against our organizations beliefs.



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