Phone APP For Chefs To Work For A Hourly Rate

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Thank so much for taking the time to read about this and I am glad again and thank your kind self for taking your time.

The world need s this app like yesterday. Many mothers are saddened to not be able to cook extensive and eat extensive and restaurants just don't add up when it comes time to budget. So, this app gathers that attention. It also avails the ability for people to interact and have friendly times of cooking and savoring association, which can turn into match making, people can hire desired chefs to their home for their desired rate. This is app that allows much freedom to the user as I believe in a very American stance regarding this. so let me now not talk your ear off longer and paste the content below for you to absorb. It is the future . I also have a app that is for voice launch in which people can send voice Responses on the road to other cars. This is chef app and my car app s are nothing by the future and leading the future entirely. :

Let''s say You're a chef , and Chefs basically are able to be ordered with this app. as in a person a chef comes to your home to cook for you, so that they could come there and earn a wage per hour. So, the rate would be $25 an hour let's say somebody will post their profile and let's say Amanda is in the area Amanda charges $25 an hour to cook for you, that is the minimum rate you state of a person. That they have to get at least that pay for the hour and some people have two-hour blocks, some people's cooking more intricate takes more time more energy they want to have A 2 hour block so you'll have to order then as such, Its a dynamic app cause its a chef artist practice. through that a person will have to go through profiles they see and then with that they will be able to get a person to come over upon picking them and then the app will run the timer of the person it won't take up their cell battery , or be sounding too much and be too annoying, but it just be a timer in the background that the chef will set when they arrive and then when the person leaves they will sign at the end of the shift, they will sign the end of

shift form as well a paper sometimes for new customers and in the end a person gets paid so if the person was there for an hour and 17 minutes they'll get paid for an hour and a half; if they're hour

was at $25 an hour or so they'll get paid $25 + get plus half that for that shift . So basically how that works is the person who was working or being a chef for achefgo.comapp which is the app domain as of now. they will give us a commission anywhere from 10 to 20% when they first come in they're paying 20% as they're doing good jobs their commission for us is getting smaller meaning they'll eventually be at 10% we don't do less than 10 we don't do less than 10% unless >>all the taxes will be directed to aid Puerto rico and Mexico become stable to help with immigration and domestication crisis.  This App is to create jobs in all states of america showing a standard of not concentrating wealth and hurting the economy also the good ethic which is being diminished in this country and bad is what we want to show at a chef go company to others that is the only solution and way to be as a human.

q:what is i want to become a sponsor or partner to the company?

A:We are open to partnership in fundraising and holding events using this site as the place to upload the funds. Our goal mark is clear and we will make it happen as the company is ready.  simply contact us and we need all the help we can get. We dont discriminate and specifically are responding to the outcry in life.

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