Occult Nationalism Vinyl Sticker Pack #1

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I am trying to print the first batch of occult nationalism gear, yet I am not in a position to drop multiple hundreds of dollars on stickers.

That is where you come in, friend.

I am crowdsourcing the funds to print 4 high quality vinyl stickers with my designs. These images have been specially calibrated to harness and emit aesthetic and reactionary energy. They do work, and should not be placed close to young children's heads or extremely sensitive electronics.

By pooling the funds upfront, we can save money by printing them in bulk, and ensure that I don't end up with an apartment full of expensive stickers.


Give me 16$. That's it.


Get the stickers printed (nice size: 4 inches), and mail them to you.

It's just that simple. Worth pointing out once more these will be vinyl stickers and not cheap paper ones. We're trying to get this to 100 people because there is a price break for printing 100 stickers (100 x 16$ = $1600).

Help me spread the vibe, let me enhance your visual world. These stickers will bring you or whoever you gift them to years of joy and happiness.

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