Legal Support for League of the South member Chris Cedeno

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League of the South member Chris Cedeno attended a legal protest to stand for the Southern people. He was threatened at this protest by aggressive counter-protesters and was forced to defend himself.

Because Mr. Cedeno's politics don't follow the mainstream view, the legal system is throwing the book at him to silence him and intimidate anyone else who holds his views, namely that Islam has no place in the South.

Mr. Cedeno has hired a lawyer, but is only $1,000 dollars short on payment.

Please help Mr. Cedeno hire a lawyer to fight these bogus charges! End date is Friday, November 3rd, 2017. God Bless!

Will this money be used for anything other than lawyer's fees? No it will not. When the goal is reached the money will be sent straight to Mr. Cedeno, who will in turn pay his lawyer.

Am I funding anything illegal? No you are not. Mr. Cedeno has every right to crowdfund money to pay for his lawyer, as he is in genuine need.

Where can I find out more about Mr. Cedeno, and stay up to date on his trial? Mr. Cedeno has a social media account where all updates will be posted here:

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