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Hello everybody. Since being featured on the ADL's hate list and being targeted after Charlottesville I have been running into issues. The local antifa have been harassing me, trying to get me kicked out of university, distributed fliers of my face on campuses, and have even resulted to acquiring my social security number through unknown means. Due to my lack of familial support and career in University, finances can be a tricky thing. Under normal circumstances I could handle myself, but because of this constant battle my finances are more unstable than ever before. In the coming months I have to move to a more secure location in my city and may have to pay for legal fees in cases against local antifa. Antifa's goal is to chase me out of university and chase me out of the state. It pains me to ask, but I need your help. Any little bit helps. If you have the means and want to support a friend in this fight please consider donating. Thank you for your considerations.

---Dan Kleve

Hail Victory

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