Hovater Support Fund

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As many of you are already aware, the New York Times released an article profiling Tony Hovater, the Chief Operations Officer, and a founding member, of the Traditionalist Worker Party. Despite the incessant claims that the author was attempting to "humanize" Mr. Hovater and paint him in a positive light, the article resulted in a smear campaign against Tony and his bride. Communists, Antifa, and general basement-dwelling ne'er-do-wells set to work immediately, identifying their place of employment and harrassing their management into terminating them.

Unfortunately, as a result, the Hovaters are suddenly without an income and are going to have to leave their home.

This is where you come in. While the holiday season is upon us and everyone is most certainly spending the majority of their money on gifts, we would like to ask that you consider donating to the Hovater Support Fund. Without an income, and soon to be without a home, they will need every penny that they can get to help them get back on their feet.

As a general movement, we must show solidarity through supporting our own and helping them back to their feet, even in times where it may be an inconvenience to us. Giving is what the spirit of Christmas is all about and we ask that this season, please dig deep and donate what you can to this wonderful newlywed couple.

Thank you to all who donate and we wish you a Merry Christmas.

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