Fr. Matthew Raphael Johnson Medical Expenses

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Fr. Matthew Raphael Johnson, famous for his landmark Orthodox Nationalist podcasts and essays, was attacked with mace in Charlottesville. For roughly a week after the event, he was blinded, with chronic nagging pain. After several days of unbearable pain and expensive medical treatment that he had to borrow money to afford, he has made a complete recovery.

We attempted to fundraise for him, but GoFundMe and the major credit card processors even deny fundraising for non-violent clergy on our side while eagerly raising hundreds of thousands for the legal expenses of blatant anarchist attackers. If we can reach $700, we can completely cover his medical bills for the incident and show our respect and appreciation for one of the only priests in the West who hasn't been corrupted by the siren song of globalism.

Whether you're Orthodox Christian, merely Christian, or not Christian at all, I hope you agree that our clergy deserve our generous support.

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