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Goyfundme was born from the idea that anyone, no matter their views and opinions, should be able to create crowdfunding projects and raise money without having to worry about PC culture getting in the way. A lot of time and effort has gone in to getting Goyfundme started and even more will be spent in maintaining and improving the site.

With your help, we will be able to keep Goyfundme going. Your donations will go toward site maintenance, improvements, and helping Goyfundme grow.

Goyfundme is a free and open crowdfunding platform dedicated to the principles of liberty and freedom of speech. We believe that all people have the right to support and promote causes that are important to them without worrying about censorship from anyone.

We offer our users a crowdfunding experience free from political or social censorship. This means that we will not shut down a project simply because it is unpopular, controversial, politically incorrect, or because we receive complaints about the person and/or group that created it.

As long as your project is legal and falls within the scope of our Community Guidelines, you can rest assured that it will remain active on our site until it meets its funding goal or until you, the creator, closes the project.

Thank you in advance for contributing to Goyfundme’s future!

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