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I’m an established author at Counter–Currents, among other places. I wrote openly under my real name for a long time, but after Charlottesville, I was outed to friends of family and things got really crazy. I came to a crossroads, and had to decide whether to give up what I’m trying to build here or some previously very significant relationships. I’ve decided I want to stay. But in order to do that now, I need a set–up that will truly allow me to fully commit to it all the way. I’m ready to take that plunge. For what I expect to be a relatively short period of time, I need to remain anonymous just to ensure a few people that there won’t be any blowback headed towards them because of their connection to me.

I want to get seriously involved in doing audio/video work to add to the repertoire of things I have to offer the movement so that I can do this full–time. I envision taking old classics like the works of Evola, or massive tomes like Ricardo Duchesne’s The Uniqueness of Western Civilization, and creating flashy, attention–grabbing images and narratives to draw in new audiences and present them to people on the outside. I know people who’ve actually read works like these might view the act of making them “flashy” negatively, but how many people actually have the chance to read them—or have the time to commit to trying in the first place? Much less people outside of our movement! I believe if I can make well–polished video presentations of these kinds of ideas, I can help draw in entirely new audiences.

I plan to travel more or less indefinitely to keep my finger on the pulse of what’s happening in connection with the movement. I also have the chance now to spend a lot more time studying things like video production with online courses on Coursera (I have a subscription). I would love to have enough means at my disposal to essentially ensure that at all times, my energy is focused on something that in some way or another will feed back into what I’m growing here.

Based on The Broke Backpacker’s guide to best travel laptops for digital nomads, I’m setting my sights on a Dell XPS 13” laptop. Based on personal recommendations from someone in the movement, a Zoom H4N for audio recording on–the–go (including interviews).

I already have a home desktop that is more than adequate for anything I could possibly want to use a computer for. Once I have an adequate laptop, I’ll plan to sell it, but it will probably only get me around a few hundred dollars. In any case, outside of what I want to do with the movement, there is no other selfish motivation for me in acquiring these two items.

I’ll plan to update this section as the project moves along.

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