Our Fees

The Goyfundme fee is 10%.

We aren’t trying to get rich off of anyone. While having a little extra income in exchange for our effort is great, we believe that our creators should get the vast majority of the donations that their donors so graciously give.

Goyfundme only charges a 10% fee when donors use their credit or debit cards to make a donation. If donors use PayPal, their donation is sent to the Goyfundme merchant PayPal account and held there until the funds are requested from the project creator. When funds are requested, the entire amount owed minus the 10% fee will be sent to the creator’s PayPal account.

Credit/Debit cards and Bitcoin are the two primary payment gateways that Goyfundme uses. Our Credit/Debit card processor charges 2.9% + .30 cents per donation. Thus, the fee structure is: 10% + (2.9% + .30 per donation) = 12.9% + .30 cents per donation.

We will keep this model in place as long as Goyfundme is able to pay for site hosting, maintenance, and other expenses each month.

If you enjoy using Goyfundme and support our efforts, please consider donating to the “Help Goyfundme Grow” fund. You can make a one-time or recurring donations.

As always, thank you for using our service and we wish you good luck in your crowdfunding endeavors.

– The Goyfundme Staff

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