About Us

Goyfundme is an open crowdfunding platform dedicated to the principles of liberty and freedom of speech. We believe that all people have the right to support and promote causes that are important to them without worrying about censorship from anyone.

We offer our users a crowdfunding experience free from political or social censorship. This means that we will not shut down a project simply because it is unpopular, controversial, politically incorrect, or because we receive complaints about the person and/or group that created it.

As long as your project is legal and falls within the scope of our Community Guidelines, you can rest assured that it will remain active on our site until it meets its funding goal or until you, the creator, closes the project.


Our mission is to re-awaken the spirit of liberty on the internet and to empower those who have experienced censorship in recent years simply due to their views and opinions.

A plethora of individuals and groups have been denied service by much larger social networking, e-Commerce, and crowdfunding websites. We offer our services to them with minimal conditions.


Goyfundme’s vision is to be a forerunner in the fight against internet censorship. We are working closely with the Alt-Tech community and other websites to spearhead a new initiative toward a greater, freer internet devoid of censorship and the suppression of the free expression of ideas.

There are many ideas out there that are unpopular and some may seem offensive. However, the beauty of the first amendment is that anyone of any color, creed, background, political, or socio-economic status is free under the 1st amendment to say what they want. This extends to freedom of expression and the right to assembly. Our hope is that while not everyone will always agree on everything, we can help to pave the way toward a world where our inherent and learned differences are acknowledged and respected without censorship, the suppression of ideas by a single side, nor the threat of violence.

Our Approach

Goyfundme’s approach is to provide crowdfunding services to anyone as long as their fundraiser falls within the boundaries of U.S. Law and our Community Guidelines. However, Goyfundme staff reserves the right to unpublish fundraising projects at will and without explanation if we feel that the content and/or associated imagery might adversely affect our relationship with our payment processors.

We kindly ask our fundraiser creators to carefully consider their language and chosen image(s) used when they create a fundraiser. Symbols and images that may be misconstrued by some as inspiring hate or violence will not be allowed as they will most definitely result in complaints to our payment providers. If our payment providers receive too many of these, we will lose our donation platforms and the site will be unable to function. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to working with you.


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