LED Bookcase Lighting to Bring the Aesthetic Touch

Bookshelves with Lights to Bring the Aesthetic Touch
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Bookcase with LED lights are becoming more and more popular these days. The beauty and aesthetic looks of bookshelves are so captivating, especially during the night. It can be a vocal point of a room with no loss of its beneficial usage. There are many ways to get bookcase with lights. You can even make it by yourself. Below are some ways to get a magnificent result.

Using battery operated picture lights

If you want a simple method, you can try this one. It only uses battery operated picture lights. There are many choices available with varying prices to suit your budget. The plus point from this option is, each picture light has its own remote for turning it on or off. Moreover, it is also a perfect choice if you want to add just one light.

Using remote to control the light socket

This method requires you to have enough bulb space, so it can fit a SMART bulb. However, if you could not get the access of SMART plug, you do not need to worry. The light bulb option is a solution for this case. This method is easy to do. However, you may need to prepare quite sum of money if you want to use this method.

Smart outlet

The third option to get bookshelves with LED lights is by making use of smart outlet. Well, it is not a cheap option, indeed. However, it usually still costs less than the cost of using an electrician to wire things up inside the house. Smart outlet relies on WIFI and smartphone for controlling the lights

Plug wire to a dimmer

For the last method on how to make bookshelves with LED lights, you may need some basic skill of electrical. This method needs you to be able in adding an outlet to an existing circuit. Next, you also need to swap a dimmer switch to a regular type. Well, it may be simple and does not seem too hard to do. However, it is not a piece of cake to take in the field.

Those are the ways for getting a bookcase with lights. Each of them has its own pros and difficulty. Choose one that you can overcome and suit your capability. It may not be an easy job if you are about to try for the first time. However, follow this guide and just believe in yourself that you can make your own bookshelves with lights.

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