Therapedic Silky Plush Warming Blanket Details that You Need to Know

Many people are curious about therapedic silky plush warming blanket. When this type of blanket rose at first, it gained many people’s attention. With the advanced technology accompanying this product, it makes anybody want to give it a try. If you want to know more about it as well, you just come to the right place. Here is the information about it.

Therapedic Silky Plush Warming Blanket

As the name suggest, it is a type of blanket, a very modern blanket to be precise. This stuff uses pre-heat technology. It allows the blanket to warm the bed in just few minutes. Moreover, it also gives control for dual zone to maximize the comfort on the bed. This blanket is completed with a digital controller. You can use it to set the temperature or time as you desired. Do not be worry as the program is not complicated and ensure everybody to be able in controlling it.

For more specific information regarding therapedic warming blanket properties, it is completed with exclusive timer. The program allows you to be able in setting the heat up to 12 hours. If you are worried about the duration, you can just activate the overheat protection. There is also a feature of 10 hours auto shut off. Therefore, there is no need to worry for anything. For more, this electric blanket also featured with 10 heat settings for each zone.

There are many sizes available for this therapedic silky plush warming blanket. The twin blanket is in 62’’ wide and 84’’ length. Full blanket is in 77’’ wide and 84 length. Meanwhile, the queen blanket is in 84’’wide and 90’’ length. Last, there is also king blanket, in 100’’ wide and 90’’ length.

This product is made of 100% polyester silky plush. You can just imagine how soft it is and how nice it is to crawl under this blanket. Sleeping with this item certainly will get you into a peaceful rest. Even with the advanced technology, this blanket claims to be fine for machine wash. It is can stand the dryer as well. Well, those are all information for this therapic blanket. If you are interested to buy one and enjoy the comfort at home, you need to prepare the money and thoroughly check the information first. Some online stores are not selling this product anymore and many of them only serve onsite, selling for this therapedic silky plush warming blanket.

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